Network & Associations

Network & Associations

Next Level Investor Relations LLC has reciprocal relationships with several larger consulting firms and an extensive network of sub-area specialists (partial list below). This network allows NLIR to thoughtfully focus our attention to your prioritized needs and to introduce (proprietary) expert resources, as appropriate. In the course of our ongoing client relationship with you, we may introduce one or more of our respected colleagues or firms for their added contribution and bench when warranted. Those in our network collaborate seamlessly and are passionate about serving our clients well, at any phase and scope of your Investor Relations/Corporate Communications or ESG/Sustainability journey. NLIR also participates in numerous associations (partial list below).
Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc.
SRI Connect

National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI)

Audacia Strategies

Governance Solutions Group (GSG)

Curran & Connors